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We’re well into the new decade and it’s time to review what is in, what’s staying, and what’s out the door in the world of home design. You may be far away from the design portion of your latest renovation, or it may be just around the corner. You may even want to draw inspiration from the newest and hottest trends of 2020.

The Theme

It’s more than just a theme, it’s a mantra. The influence of recent design is driven heavily by the collective need for something more out of life. Stress from our jobs, the environment and future for our children, and the never ending buzzworthy news and media cycle are all driving us towards the same thing: simplicity and sustainability. Whatever your politics, life has gotten really intense and people are seeking solace in their homes because it’s their personal space. Nature is also an important theme popping up, and in some truly creative ways, too, from building materials to influencing shapes and colors in furnishings and décor.


Sustainability and simplicity. These are the driving forces behind this fabulous furniture movement. Beds, sofas, coffee tables, even tiny end tables are being reconfigured to include ingenious storage spaces and functions. If space is limited for your home, then these Swiss Army Knife-style pieces are even more impressive. Multi-functional furniture, like a desk that turns into a bed or an end table that doubles as a stool, save floor space without sacrificing storage or use.

Nature’s Influence

Yes, when sourcing the materials for your new kitchen or bathroom, using natural materials that are also sustainable has been popular for some time. The same goes for furniture; natural metals, woods, and stone desks, chairs, credenzas – even wool carpets – are still going strong. However, nature’s influence stretches farther into the realm of shapes, color, and designs.

No more strictly rigid lines. Curves are coming in hot. Whether it’s a rounded back chair, or a lamp shaped like an egg, nature is lending her talents to the inspiration behind the art, as well as the function in interior design.

Colors that appear in nature are also widely attractive. Bright greens that evoke a feeling of lush grass, serene sea blues, and earthy neutrals give one the sense of being outdoors while sitting comfortably inside. Don’t forget to include actual elements from nature: plants. Biophilia is only growing. From large statement plants like the elephant ear or swiss cheese plant, to long and lithe dracaena trees, to fresh cut flowers from the farmer’s market there’s no choice too small to add a little life to your rooms.

A Fond Farewell

Now, it’s time to say goodbye. All-white kitchens are no longer the rage. Sticking to a gray scale, and taking the safe route are all making an exit. Instead, people are putting aside the super simple, sterile feeling of bland and pale color palettes and opting for far more customization and color. Anything industrial, cold, and flat is hitting the old, dusty trail. It all goes back to that desire for warmth, comfort, simplicity and sustainability. Let the outside world be cold and harsh. Create a space that invigorates your creativity and playfulness while also bringing you peace and serenity.



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