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Whether it’s your front or back yard, there’s no denying the beauty and quality of life a fresh landscaping remodel provides. A beautiful front yard ups your curb appeal and helps to sell your house faster, if that’s the lane you find yourself in. A stunning backyard makes for the perfect private escape from your hectic life. But who wants to settle for a flat horizon of grass? Boring! If you’ve got a mind to upgrade your landscaping plans, consider adding levels to your design. You’ll turn drab into fab with any of these ideas of landscaping with levels.

Trees Of Green

An obvious first choice, planting trees in your front and back yard have an array of benefits. Not only do the help sequester carbon and provide shade, but they also house animals that are crucial to the ecosystem. Trees take a long time to mature, but the effort will be well worth the wait. Lemon trees, however, only take about three years to start producing the juicy citrus that can be used in cooking and baking. Added bonus!


There are plenty of hard structures you can erect in your yard to boost the vertical outdoor decor and create a functioning space. From pergolas to gazebos to arbors, there are plenty of options that provide architectural beauty with purpose. These structures can be used for the perfect place to host a party, book club, or an outdoor reading nook. In many cases, it doesn’t end at the structure itself. You can add creeping vine-like plants to cover the tops of your pergola or arbor that gives the bees something to pollinate and adds a touch of color with their bright blooms.

Retaining Walls

If you have a rolling landscape already included in your backyard, you can reinforce those undulating hills and add some character with retaining walls. These walls reinforce the earth and help manage erosion. You can also build up retaining walls where there are no levels just to create the effect. Materials for retaining walls can be just about anything; brick, wood, cement, a paver-type interlocking block. Tiles or stucco can be used for facing. You can fashion anything to fit your style. In these new levels you can plant succulents, flowers, or your very own herb garden with creeping thyme and rosemary that hangs over the edges.

Statues And Features

The lovely thing about this option is that it has some major range. From small stone statues of saints or your favorite woodland creatures dotted around the flower beds, to medium sized pieces like a bench or table and chairs, to large ceramic water features. They add color, dimension, and the right touch of uniqueness to your yard. You can even create a raised flower bed by repurposing an old tin trash bin, wooden barrel, wheelbarrow, or custom built beds from wood or other materials. And who can say no to a good old fashioned tire swing on an existing old oak?

When it comes to rethinking your landscape, flat is in the past. Be sure to include as much foliage and plant life to boost biodiversity and beauty as possible. In the end, you’ll have a space that takes form and function to new heights.



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