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Go big or go home! Or in the case of decorating your living room for 2019, go Bold when you go home. Yes, bold colors and design choices reign supreme in the trends popping up this year. Perhaps your couch has seen better days and it’s time for something new. Maybe you’re looking for a fresh new feel to an outdated rarely used room. Your living room has grown cold and uninviting. Bring it back to life with warmth and create a cozy, welcoming room rich in color, texture, and flair.


There’s an overall shift in both color scheme and feel to a richer aesthetic in the home design world. This, obviously, includes velvet. It’s not just the colors that are getting richer, but the textures as well. Whether it’s an ottoman, accent pillows, or an entire piece of furniture such as a couch or chaise, this fabric is being found in more and more homes. It could be just the touch of jazz your living room is looking for.

If your couch is in good condition, but you want a fresh new look consider reupholstering. Choose a lush Royal Blue, Emerald, or Eggplant color and make your couch the new focal point of your luxurious living room.


The concept of bringing the great outdoors inside by way of plants and views, or access to nature. Large potted house plants are making a comeback. A money tree on either end of your couch, or between seating, brings not only good financial luck, but a striking visual and breath of life to your living room. With a multitude of plants that thrive indoors in either full or partial light, there’s sure to be an attention grabber that will fit the space you have. Not only that, but their rich hues along all the green scale give an added Pop of energizing color to the room.

For an ultra sleek look with another “lucky” plant, fill clear glass vases with rocks (all black, all white, a mixture of brown, grays, and taupes) to provide a base for several stalks of bamboo. This plant thrives in partial lighting when kept watered with Distilled water covering an inch above the root. Low maintenance and intense beauty (and a little extra luck) makes this the perfect house guest plant.


2019 is all about making a statement. Those statements are no longer reserved for Social Media, now. Bold statement pieces are all around the house, from large artwork in bathrooms, to velvet, tufted headboards in the bedroom. The same goes for your living room. Turning your delicately used couch into a masterful statement piece with velvet reupholstery is a perfect way to make a statement. And because it’s velvet, that statement is somewhere along the lines of “Come, sit on my gloriously plush, velvet self!” If you like your couch the way it is, adding one large piece of artwork or an eye-catching mirror will make just as bold a statement.

Carry the spirit of 2019 into your living room with the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral. A painting or geometric shaped sculpture in living coral is a great way to make a statement that’s full 2019.

Artisan and Natural Materials

We’re steadily moving away from the cookie-cutter, factory farts of mainstream furniture. More and more people are choosing to support their local artist’s community by buying unique, individual pieces crafted by someone living down the street from them. Couldn’t be more on board with this choice. Not only are you supporting artists on a local level, but you’ll wind up with a more personalized style at the end of it all. Commissioning a seamstress to custom make your pillows and throws gives you more control over fabric, pattern, and size choices.

Another smart thing homeowners are doing is going green and natural. Appliances, utilities, cleaning and cosmetic products are all coming out with natural, eco-friendly versions. Your living room design is no exception. Design is gravitating towards more natural materials like wood, stone, marble. Oxidized wood is seeing a comeback, giving more range in color with the grain of the wood still visible.

If you keep your home on the minimal side, these natural materials will be a perfect fit to your living room. Providing a mostly neutral palette, they easily lend themselves to accent pieces of art or furniture.



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