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Every year for the past little-over-fifty years, Pantone has been releasing their color of the year. The color is meant to capture the energy and flow of the year ahead, and is seen a lot in design and marketing. With over fifty years – and counting – the range of colors has been wide. 2018 was Ultra Violet, the year before that Greenery, and we’ve seen colors all the way from pale yellow Mimosa to a mauve-ish Marsala, or Blue Iris. For 2019, though, we’ve landed at Living Coral.

Living Coral is the epitome of joy and vitality of life. It may or may not be the color for your design palette. But whether you’re looking for a bold new look or like to keep things simple, here are a few ways you can implement this Color of the Year in your home design.

Go, Florals, Go!

Floral prints are making a comeback. Sure. We can all think back to that one weird aunt’s house in which every square inch of space was plastered in a gaudy floral wallpaper. But as things do, they disappear and reappear years later. But actually… it’s really workin’ this time around. Large floral prints are more the rage, but don’t shy away from a smaller, busy look, especially if it’s the pop in a minimalist powder room or other small places. Whether it’s wallpaper on the ceiling to give a small room more depth, or the accent in your crisp, pristine laundry room wallpapers are a great upgrade.

If you want something a little less work-involved, new pillows for your couch can really tie a room together. Bold, statement furniture is in. With the right jewel toned, velvet couch, a set of floral printed pillows with a hint of Living Coral in them will add that perfect texture to an already rich and dramatic look.

Actual flowers are also a great way to bring Living Coral into your home. There are bound to be some type of coral rose in your local grocer or florists shop. Tulips, daisies, or ranunculus are also commonly found in a coral color. A simple tapered, glass vase is all you need to let this beautiful color on these blooms pop in your home.

Artwork, Throws, Odds and Ends

Another popular trend in design this year is large, statement artwork. There are a lot of statements to be made in 2019. For the statement that says “I choose Joy!” incorporating Living Coral into your home with large format art is the way to go.

If you enjoy this color but in smaller doses, items such as kitchen tea towels hung over the oven or dishwasher handle or new hand towels in the bathroom for just a pop of color in various rooms will do the trick. Invest in a new set of sheets, an area rug, or blanket for those cozy Netflix and Chill nights to sprinkle this color in more personal bedroom quarters, or out in the open living room. Picture frames, wall sconces, or even dishware in this shade will be popping up all over your favorite home furnishing stores. Invite them in to your home in a way that works for you.



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