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The warm weather makes it the best time for home improvement projects. Due to the better weather conditions, it makes a great opportunity to start on both indoor and outdoor projects, however, you will want to shift your attention to outdoor renovations before winter returns. With it being warmer, the nicer weather promises no rain, nor any other conditions that may hinder projects such as painting or staining.

Here are a few different ways to improve your curb appeal and or add value to your home:

Backyard Patio Dreams

This time of the season for most people is about being outside and enjoying the outdoors while the sun is out. If you’re missing a patio deck in your home, then you’re missing out on being able to entertain. Having a deck adds value to the home, it’s considered a luxe feature.

Your standard level deck or patio are easy to assemble with a few helping hands and knowledge or power tools. An above ground raised deck should be reserved for a professional contractor with skills and experience building decks or patios. The most popular and preferred type of wood used for DIY is pressure treated wood. Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s also budget friendly. Don’t forget about modified wood or composites, both work wonderfully and are far more long laster. You also won’t have to be concerned with having to restrain and seal required with wood.

Bathroom Remodel or Upgrade

In the midst of the heat, you’re in between working on your home; so options are to upgrade your bathroom or perform a complete renovation. Kitchen and bathrooms are the two focal points of the home that can make or break a home when back on the market. A kitchen remodel can be a big financial investment and leaving you without a means of cooking, but a bathroom remodel will not be as big of a suffering.

A few easy DIY upgrades are getting a new faucet or a swapping for a better shower head. Polishing your tub and sink can give it a squeaky clean appearance. That may not always do the trick, if your tub and sinks are outdated, now is the time to consider replacing it entirely. Warmer weather also allows for tiling projects in the bathroom to go smoothly. Bathrooms are a smaller space in your home so you can usually renovate them to achieve your ideal “magazine worthy: space without needing to shell out a fortune.

Roof Repair

This is the prime time for roof repair with the predictable weather. Roofing project warrants for nice temperatures without a chance of bad weather like rain. What part of the summer to pick is determined by where you’re located. Some regions it may be best to start early on, or later in the summer when the heat is cooled down.

Standard roof repair like quick patching or securing loose shingles is an easy fix. With enough research, you can perform a thorough DIY roof inspection to decide if there is any noticeable damage, and if so, to what degree. If your roof has been well maintained, your chances of need any TLC are low. Any significant damage such as leaks are signs you may need to fire a roofing contractor to address this issue.

Worst case; if the damage is severe, it may be the time to repair the entire roof altogether. Doing so can also allow you to upgrade and go with a new roof design to make your home shine brighter than others.


Having beautiful landscaping is one of the biggest additions to improving your home value and adding curb appeal. Ranging from lush grass to a few flower bushes and a grand courtyard – the cost can vary. You can start by hiring an architect, or contractor to help guide you in decision making.



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