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A new year means new possibilities. Spring is here and though we may be in a forced hibernation right now, there’s still plenty of opportunity to plan for your next home improvement project. For over five decades, now, the color company Pantone has released a Color Of The Year meant to embody the spirit of the new year. Most recent years have given us bright and vibrant colors such as Greenery, Ultra Violet, and Living Coral. This year, they’ve taken it back to the classics with a color that is anything but basic.

Classic Blue is the perfect color for this year. Let’s be honest, these are crazy times we live in, this beautiful hue of blue will surely calm your soul and help you breathe through the chaos. Not only that, blues are very easy to weave into your home decor. This particular shade has a deeper, soft tone making it quite versatile whatever your style. These are our top 6 ways to incorporate Classic Blue into your home.

Velvet Furniture

Nothing says luxury like a rich velvet. More homes are taking the high drama of this fabric and making it the centerpiece of a room. Whether you want to go the couch route, find it best in a headboard for your bed, or like the look of it on a chaise, Classic Blue is just screaming to be put into velvet form.

Paint And Wallpaper

This shade does have a more muted tone, but for the new home office you’ve got plans for it could be just the thing you need. Paint all four walls in this solid color, or find a gorgeous wallpaper with Classic Blue anchoring the fabulous floral print. Whatever your jam, be sure to take it all the way. No accent walls in homes these days.


The all white kitchen is out! Gone! We’re seeing more of a turn towards natural wood in kitchens as nature is heavily influencing design this season. Blue, though, is a color that appears in nature. For a quick fix in the kitchen, reface your cabinets in Classic Blue.


If you just replaced your cabinets, go for the countertops. Quartz, granite, marble, tile – whatever your desired material, there’s bound to be a Classic Blue shade in these natural and engineered materials. The best thing about this color is that it’s classic and looks good with just about anything. As styles change, these countertops will be able to go with the flow.

Rugs And Drapes

For a very inexpensive and super quick change in room tone, check your textile accessories. In the living room, you can add texture and dimension with a new set of drapes and rug. Especially in a small room, these handy accents help create long lines and break up the room to give it a broader appeal.


Wanna go super simple with adding a splash of blue to your home? Update the towels and sheets for your master suite. Grab a new chenille throw for your living room couch or guest bed. Donate old items to shelters, helping those in need while you help yourself to less clutter and something new.

What other ways do you like to see this beautiful blue in your daily home life?



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