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Despite what you may assume, it is affordable and very possible to transform your backyard into a secluded safe haven. You will not have to resist the urge to book for a weekend getaway spot, as your yard can be improved to become a beautiful, serene and private area for you to relax in comfort. Here are a few tips on how to create a private resort in your backyard through landscaping.

There are a variety of fence types that can not only improve the visual appeal of your backyard but also increase privacy. One of the safest bet is getting tall fences. Tall fences do not necessarily have to look hefty or ugly, as hardscaping as well as using plants along the fence can make it look less intimidating. Through intricate designs and details, such as wide cap pieces and decorative pieces hanging on the fences, you can break the monotony of the huge fence.

A metal or a wooden latticework fence can also significantly up your backyard game, and provide a private refuge. To make it even more appealing, you can add roses or any other attractive climbing plants to soften the fence’s look. Latticework fences are also a great way to improve air circulation in the secret gardens of beautiful homes.

For those who have a more edgy style, can modify the edges of their fences, for example into a curve and also add caps that come in different shapes to have an artier fence.

The best way to decorate your fences is by installing exotic plants! It is not set in stone that only hardscaping elements can provide privacy, as many plants can do the same job with a rustic touch! You can customize, as having a screen of tall-plants can provide a natural barrier for your seating arrangement, as well as intermittent pops of mid-sized plants can provide a second layer to the fence. You can also put in colorful flowers and plants for pops of color to an otherwise green screen!

Hedges are a great green way to make you feel amongst nature. Hedges provide privacy, as many types of hedge plants grow to extreme heights and can be cut or sheared into intriguing shapes to give your backyard a bit of an edge.

A bamboo screen can be an adaptation of the traditional hedge, with a modern twist. Golden bamboos, in particular, grow quickly, and one of the best parts of a bamboo hedge is the fact that you can maintain privacy and can also have some light seeping through the gaps between the bamboos. Spread some bits of foliage on the bamboo screen for a heavenly take on the old-fashioned hedge!

The best way to get a classy and secluded backyard is by installing fountains near your restful nook! You can have comfortable contemporary seats that are surrounded by plants of all shapes and sizes to make you feel like you have been transported someplace else.

Home improvement through backyard landscaping can be expertly done by HQ Remodeling! Their services can help you improve privacy without having to sacrifice style! Backyard landscaping is also a great way to improve the residential value in case of reselling purposes, and of course, to improve your and your loved one’s quality of life!



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